Founded in 2002, we are Ireland’s leading supplier of spatial solutions for government, utility and telecommunications industries. Our solutions enable our customers to Survey, Visualise, and Integrate spatial data and non-spatial data into their enterprise information systems.

GIS information has become an integral part in the decision making process in many enterprises, across all industry sectors. We understand the importance of accurately collecting and efficiently storing and utilising GIS data.

Our Partners

In Ireland, we are the sole distributor for Hexagon’s S&I (Security & Infrastructure) division,  a Hexagon Geospatial channel partner, the authorised reseller of Safe Software’s FME and a Leica Geosystems distributor for their Asset Collection & Management division.

Our solutions are built on our partners' technology platforms and serve the citizens of Ireland every day, from managing water and electric networks to publishing key e-government information through government portals. 

IMGS puts customers' needs first

The key to our success is that we stay focused on our customer and their needs, and deliver solutions to meet those needs. In many cases, spending time in consultation with one customer 
identifies a solution which is easily adaptable to other clients with similar needs.

We understand that delivering the solution is just the beginning; it carries very little value if it is not backed up by top-class support. Our support service is second to none and if you doubt that, please ask our customers.

We serve over 50 customers across the island of Ireland including local authorities, government agencies, and utility and communications organisations.