For water utilities, the need to manage water and sewage networks effectively and efficiently has never been greater. As a whole, the industry is investing heavily in capital and maintenance programmes designed to improve service delivery, reduce leakage and meet key business indicators. G/Technology G/Water can help you meet these challenges.

G/Water is a next generation GIS for water utilities. G/Water has been developed by Intergraph in collaboration with water and wastewater network operators. It is designed to be an out-of-the-box solution to meet the specific needs of regulated water utilities. It is a comprehensive water and wastewater functional model complemented by a range of tools and reports.

G/Water integrates geo-facilities management with operational support and service–delivery applications, enabling these systems to cooperate seamlessly to manage the planning, design, construction, operations, maintenance and emergency response functions of a water utility.


Key Features

  • Workflows for planning, engineering, construction and operations activities.  

  • Linkage and access via the water/wastewater geo-facilities to supporting reference documents.  

  • Complete life cycle management of the water and wastewater facility network.

  • Support for critical operations: maintenance and compliance, emergency response planning/management, risk event tracking and system integrity studies.

  • Mobile data access through full-function and thin-client devices.