Data Integration


The fastest, most cost effective way to connect data

Talend offers robust data integration in an open and scalable architecture to maximise its value to your business. As part of the Talend Data Fabric, Talend Data Integration software provides the unified tools to integrate, cleanse, mask and profile all of your data, enabling you to turn data into decisions faster.

Talend Data Integration


Develop and deploy data integration 10 times faster

Simple, graphical tools and wizards get you up and running quickly with over 900 connectors to natively connect databases, flat files, cloud-based applications and more. Easily manage and monitor simple, one-time ETL software projects as well as complex, ongoing data synchronization projects with thousands of jobs. A shared repository with versioning and continuous delivery capabilities maximizes productivity and collaboration.


Synchronize metadata across database platforms

Share, synchronize and manage metadata across your enterprise data environment using metadata bridge. Existing integration investments can be replicated to Talend's Data Integration saving up to 50% of the time and effort for conversion.


Deliver self-service data preparation to everyone

Talend combines data preparation and data integration into a single unified platform to transform how IT and business can turn data into insight. Empower any decision maker with self-service tools to catalog, cleanse, and shape data from any source for use anywhere. Your data experts design the integration rules, while IT governs the use of data and facilitates collaboration across batch, bulk, and master data management scenarios.


Get the latest functionality at 1/5th the price

Talend’s open source, subscription model is disrupting the market and fundamentally lowering the cost of ownership for data integration solutions. Unlike other vendors, Talend charges per developer with no hidden fees per connector or extra charges for capacity. Subscription pricing means customers only pay for what they need with dramatically lower upfront investments. This lowers costs and makes it much easier to predict spend with Talend.