FME Desktop

Take Control of your Data

With FME Desktop, you can access your spatial data in the exact way you require. FME Desktop provides the tools to allow you to convert, transform, and integrate both spatial and non-spatial data and cut through repetitive conversion processes with the ability to integrate data from over 345 applications, web services, and file formats

All of the FME Desktop editions listed below include both FME Workbench and FME Data Inspector, as well as all 450 data transformers.

Editions vary based on the applications and file formats you need to read data from and write data to.



Professional Edition - Integrate data from over 300 formats & applications

Intergraph & ERSI Edition - Integrate data from over 300 formats, applications & read and write Intergraph GeoMedia and Esri ArcSDE

Database Edition - Integrate data from over 300 formats, applications and Database adds the ability to write spatial data to Oracle, SQL Server, etc

Smallworld Edition - Integrate data from over 300 formats & applications and adds the ability to read and write GE Smallworld


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