We are a solution driven company that provide integrated mapping, asset and document management solutions for government agencies. Our development team are highly experienced in developing bespoke solutions and implementing off the shelf solutions for government agencies.

Since the “Delivering Better Government” initiative, was started in 1995, Irish Government Agencies are striving to provide improved customer service levels to its customers – the citizens and visitors of Ireland.

Through our solutions developed on top of our partner's technologies we provide end to end solutions for Local Authorities in Ireland in the areas of:


Road Network Management

As Local Authorities in Ireland are responsible for managing road assets across the island of Ireland, in today’s challenging economic climate, Local Authorities must maintain road networks in the face of decreasing budgets, ensuring roads are safe and traffic disruptions are minimal.

With Intergraph’s Roadway Information Management Solution, Local Authorities can manage roadway inventory including the road network, all network attributes, and geospatially related event data. This solution will also provide an enterprise portal for remote offices, for crews to enter roadway condition and construction data.


Asset Management

Our Asset Management solutions help government agencies to manage the maintenance of their assets with IMGS Asset Register, analyse the condition of these assets through a single portal with Location Publisher and access and update asset location and condition data in the field using IMGS Location Publisher Mobile.

By using our Asset Management solutions, government agencies will be able to make improved decisions on when to repair / upgrade / replace or retire an asset and decrease operating expenditure and capital expenditure through more efficient asset management practices.


Planning Solutions

As Local Authorities in Ireland are responsible for the economic development of their regions; good planning, sustainable development and ensuring national guidelines are met is essential. Our Planning Solutions enable Local Authorities to provide a clear spatial vision for the community through our leading edge 2D (Location Publisher) and 3D (Skyline) mapping solutions for publishing planning and development plan maps.

By using our planning solutions, government agencies will have an easy to use to portal for the publishing of local area planning policies and development plans that citizens can view online and citizens can also make online submissions against development plans.


Spatial Data Infrastructure

With the establishment of the Infrastructure for Spatial Information, INSPIRE, which took effect in 2007, to coordinate activities and improve utilisation of geographic information in Europe, European government agencies (local and national) are now legally obliged to manage their spatial data in a relevant and standardised format that enables easy discovery and access.

Using solutions developed by Intergraph, to specifically comply with INSPIRE, IMGS can build your Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to enable geospatial data exchange within your enterprise and among other government agencies, with minimal disruptions to day to day activities. Intergraph’s GeoMedia product portfolio gives users a customisable turnkey solution and builds a perfect foundation for an SDI technology extension.


Mobile Workforce Management

Through our Location Based mobile solutions government agencies can efficiently manage mobile workers by managing the recording of planned and reactive jobs through IMGS Location Publisher CRM, by providing access to field crews, of job, asset and condition data in the field via wireless connections using IMGS Location Publisher Mobile and in disconnected mode with GeoMedia Mobile.

Government agencies will also have the ability to make informed dispatch decisions by viewing the current location of crews and their capabilities and status through IMGS Location Publisher.