Mapping Agencies


With over 25 years’ experience delivering mapping and cartography solutions, Intergraph's leading global engineering and geospatial software, is uniquely adept in providing mapping agencies with tailored solutions that meet all of their requirements.

As IMGS is an accredited partner of Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) and have a long-standing relationship with Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSI), we understand the unique challenges and requirements facing Mapping Agencies.  

Intergraph’s production solution for mapping and cartography offers mapping agencies a unique solution that has been tailored to their exact requirements. Intergraph’s solution can generate maps from a variety of data sets, allowing complete customisation of the maps that are produced. In addition, Intergraph’s Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) solution allows for collaboration and administration of geospatial data.

In collaboration with Intergraph, the array of solutions that IMGS offers to mapping agencies ensures that the data that is collected is captured accurately, visualised in a clear, concise manner and integrated throughout the organisation to provide maximum return on investment, while improving customer satisfaction.