Advanced FME Desktop


This training material is intended for persons with some prior experience of using FME. The content assumes a basic familiarity with the concepts and practices of FME Desktop; at least to the extent covered by our FME Desktop Standard Training.


In particular it would be helpful to be familiar with:

  • FME transformers and basic transformation techniques

  • Managing Readers, Writers and feature types in a workspace

  • Data filtering and attribute management techniques in FME Workbench



Day 1


Advanced Parameter Use

Performance Considerations

  • Parameters and FME

  • Performance and FME

  • Log File Interpretation

  • Reader and Writer Optimization

  • Transformation Optimization

  • Database Optimization

  • Parallel Processing 

Custom Transformers


  • Custom Transformers

  • Using Custom Transformers

  • Custom Transformers and Schema

  • Manual Schema Handling


  • Custom Transformer Types

  • Custom Transformer Versioning

  • Custom Transformers and Parallel Processing

  • Custom Transformers and Loops


Day 2


 Advanced Reading and Writing

Advanced Attribute Handling

  • Zip File Handling

  • Fanouts

  • The Generic Reader/Writer

  • Dynamic Translations

  • FME Desktop Advanced Training Manual

  • Schema Handling in Dynamic Translations

  • Advanced Dynamic Attribute Schemas

  • Module Review


  • Constructing Values

  • Conditional Attribute Values

  • Multiple Feature Attributes

  • Null Attributes 


 Advanced: FME & Spatial Databases

  • Connecting to Spatial Databases

  • Creative Feature Reading

  • Feature-level updates

  • Database related transformers

  • Time and date attributes in Spatial Databases