FME Server


This training material is intended for persons with some prior experience of using FME Workbench. The content assumes a basic familiarity with the concepts and practices covered of FME Desktop;

In particular it would be helpful to be familiar with:

• Parameters and published parameters

• Managing Readers, Writers and feature types in a workspace

• Using transformers similar in complexity to the Clipper and Joiner




Introduction to FME Server

Running Workspaces on FME Server

  • What is FME Server?

  • FME Server Roles

  • FME Server Security

  • Troubleshooting for Administrators

  • Web User Interface 

  • FME Workbench and FME Server

    • The Workspace Authoring Workflow

    • Workspace Management

    • Transferring Workspaces

    • Publishing a Workspace

    • Downloading a Workspace

    • Repositories

  • Source Data Management

  • Accessing Resources

  • Running a Workspace on FME Server

    • Running the Job Submitter using the Web Interface

    • Configuring a Translation

  • Translation Results

  • Job Management

Self-Serve with FME Server

  • What is Self-Serve?

    • Self-Serve Types

    • Self-Serve and Services

    • Self-Serve and Parameters

  • FME Server Services

    • What is a Service?

    • Available Services

    • Workspaces and Services 

  • Self-Serve and Parameters

    • What are Parameters?

    • Published Parameters

    • Parameter Uses in FME Server 

    • Data Uploads

  • What is Data Upload?

    • Implementing Data Upload

    • The Data Upload Service

    • Resources Folders



  • Data Download Service

    • What is the Data Download Service?

    • Creating a Data Download Service

    • Using a Data Download Service 

  • Key Parameter Types

    • Coordinate System Selection

    • Format Selection

    • Layer Selection and Handling

    • Geographic Selection

    • Other Self-Serve Services



 Real-Time with FME Server

 Automation with FME Server

  • What is Real-Time?
    • Notifications

    • Message Streams

  • The Notification Service
    • What is a Notification?

    • When to Use Notifications

    • Elements of the Notification Service

  • An Introduction to Email Notifications
    • Email Protocols

    • Notifications and Workspaces

    • Email Subscriptions

    • Workspaces as a Publication

  • Notifications Protocols
    • Available Protocols

    • Directory Watch Notifications

    • Mobile Notifications 

  • What is Automation?
  • Scheduling
    • Managing Scheduled Tasks

    • Creating a Scheduled Task

  • Automated Data Processing
    • Setting up Automated Data Processing

    • Automated Data Processing with Notifications