Standard FME Desktop



This training course is the foundation of all other FME training courses we provide and assumes no prior knowledge of FME.



Day 1


Translation Basics

Data Transformation

  • What is FME?
    • About FME

    • FME Desktop Components

    • Other FME Products

  • Introduction to FME Workbench
    • Getting Started

    • Generating & Running a Workspace

  • Introduction to Data Inspection
    • Introduction to the FME Data Inspector

    • Major Components of the FME Data Inspector

    • Using the FME Data Inspector/Functionality

    • Translation Previews 

  • What is Data Transformation?
    • Data Transformation Types

  • Structural Transformation
    • Transforming the Schema

  • Transformation Using Transformers
    • Data Restructuring With Transformers

  • Content Transformation
    • Geometric/Attribute transformation

  • Transformers used in Series
  • Transformers used in Parallel
  • Group-By Processing
  • Coordinate System Transformation


Day 2


 Readers and Writers

 Practical Transformer Use

  • Key Components of a Workbench
    • Workspaces

    • Readers

    • Writers

    • Feature Types

  • Controlling Reader
    • Reader Parameters

    • Reader FeatureTypes

    • Adding/Importing Readers

    • Managing Multiple Readers & Source Feature Types

  • Controlling Writers
    • Writer Parameters

    • Writer Feature Type Definitions

    • Adding/Importing Writers

    • Managing Multiple Writers & destination Feature Types

  • Transformer Gallery
    • Transformer Searching

  • Most Valuable Transformers
    • Top 25 transformers

    • Attribute Managing Transformers

    • Data Filtering Transformers

    • Data Join/Merge Transformers

  • Transformer Parameters


Day 3


 Best Practice Guidelines

 Customer Workshop

  • Why use Best Practice?

  • Methodology

  • Style Guide

  • Debugging

  • Organization

The third day of training covers more advanced FME data translations that are specific to the course attendees. Students are invited to submit their own data or specific tasks in advance. The instructor will go through the steps required for various translations requested by the students.