GeoMedia is a dynamic and powerful GIS management system that allows the user to view data from varying sources in almost any form. It can analyse the sources simultaneously, which allows it to obtain and present data that is comprehensive and detailed, yet clear and easy to understand. It can then merge the data together to create a single map view for efficient management and analysis.

GeoMedia's flexible design provides a high level of performance, regardless of the size of your organisation, whether you have one or hundreds of users. GeoMedia libraries allows users to share data to other users within a given department or organisation. GeoMedia libraries allows organisations to work with and use their data in a consistent manner.

Furthermore, as GeoMedia works with data sources directly, data is always up-to-date, and as the data changes, GeoMedia automatically revises the database, and so organisations always have access to the most current information.

Smart data capture and validation tools and advanced labelling and symbolisation, ensures that GeoMedia can create professional maps with quality data. In addition, due to GeoMedia’s simple integration with many other existing business systems, location-based information can be easily added to an organisations’ business processes.


Key features

  • Expansive and detailed querying possible

  • Quick and easy to move from one method of creating feature geometry to another

  • Users can connect straight to their spatially enabled database that they already use, i.e. Oracle, SQL Server, etc. without the need to use importers or converters

  • Ability to add large volumes of data to databases easily with GeoMedia’s streamlining process