GeoMedia Smart Client


GeoMedia Smart Client allows all users in an organisation to share and integrate geographic data into bespoke workflow processes. It provides end-users with easy-to-use map-based tools for advanced geospatial functionality. With GeoMedia Smart Client, workflow optimisation and intuitive web editing is made easy, organisations can create intelligent enterprise geospatial business workflows that would not be possible with legacy out-of-the-box desktop GIS products.

Business logic & efficient workflows

It has a highly configurable, simple user interface, which increases productivity and data quality, with coordinated processes to increase information sharing, therefore avoiding inefficiencies & errors.


High-end geospatial functionality

It fuses geospatial information into business workflows. Geospatial users of GeoMedia Smart Client can pre-define how information is captured and stored, which allows non-GIS experts to simply input data into the pre-specified fields.


Intelligent caching

Its ability to cache for raster & vector data enables maps to be cached either on the server, on a network share, or on the client. GeoMedia Smart Client can read data directly from the cached file which provides a significant increase to performance levels and the caches are kept up-to-date automatically without the need for user intervention.





Key Features

• Feature rich mapping – Java Client

• Multi parameter attribute searches

• Advanced analysis tools

• Data capture, dimensioning and redlining

• Advanced plotting

• Supports large data quantities through caching



Product tiers

GeoMedia Smart Client Essential

This tier provides all the Smart Client essentials for an unlimited number of users. It provides high-end vector redlining functionality and support to display raster and vector maps, analyse and query data, print, and utilise measurement and dimensioning functions. Vector database support includes direct capability to read ORACLE and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and raster format support including TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPG, and PNG for raster data. Advanced client and server geo-caching is provided for both raster and vector data, ensuring high performance, even in disconnected mode.


GeoMedia Smart Client Advantage

In addition to the GeoMedia Smart Client essentials, this tier includes Workflow Manager – Runtime Module which enables customers to pre-specify business process workflows, edit attributes or capture and change spatial data on the web client, and push changes back to the server database.


GeoMedia Smart Client Professional

In addition to the GeoMedia Smart Client essentials, this tier includes Workflow Manager – Editor, which enables users to define their own workflows or modify existing ones. This allows organisations to develop their own workflows or revise the structure, process, and forms of current ones.