FME Cloud


FME Cloud is a hosted version of FME Server. FME Cloud removes the need for organisations to buy, configure or maintain physical IT infrastructure associated with hosting FME Server on-site. FME Cloud is on-demand and so organisation only pay for the time they use and is a very efficient method for accessing FME server for ad-hoc use or for accessing cloud based data.



Key Features and Benefits

  • Cost Savings - Access FME technology on a pay as you go basis with no up-front capital expense

  • Multiple pricing models available allowing you to optimize costs for both variable and stable workloads

  • No Infrastructure Needed - No physical IT infrastructure to buy, configure or maintain. We maintain the servers for you and look after backups, security and availability

  • Speed and Agility - Self-service environment changes how quickly you can develop and deploy applications and allows your team to experiment more quickly and frequently