Location Publisher Mobile


Built on Location Publisher, Location Publisher Mobile provides a cost effective way to easily share spatial data across the enterprise no matter who the user - from an engineer in the field to the City Manager.

Location Publisher Mobile allows both staff and members of the public to access and capture spatial data using Smartphone and Tablet devices over a wireless connection. By providing data capture tools through a connected solution, engineers in the field are able to capture data and update back office databases, and also other mobile users instantly.

Location Publisher Mobile comes with a sample incident data entry form, along with source code, which can be customised to meet your needs. Location Publisher Mobile can be easily integrated with your existing attribute mobile solutions to spatially enable these solutions.

Location Publisher Mobile supports the latest in Smartphone and Tablet technology such as the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile and Tablet devices.


Key Features

  • OSI Map Genie, Google Maps, Bing Maps and Open Street Map support

  • GPS Integration for quick navigation

  • Easy-to-use Pinch Zoom

  • Finger Pan Navigation

  • Point Data Capture

  • Centralised data management



  • Little end user training required

  • Reduced maintenance overhead

  • Update back office databases instantly

  • No client administration overheads

  • Multi platform device support through one portal

  • Secure - no data stored locally on device