Utilities and Telecommunications



Electric utility services are often taken for granted, until a service outage occurs. Increasing or maintaining power reliability is fundamental for utility companies, but is made all the more difficult by multiple challenges facing utilities today. In addition, to continue to meet service requirements and regulations, electric utilities require an efficient way to restore power as quickly as possible when service interruptions do inevitably occur.

IMGS, in partnership with our market leading partners, provide a set of modern, intuitive solutions which have the diversity to meet electric utilities’ requirements. We understand the importance of utilities having a rapid response time for their customers, and so we offer the same to all of our customers. We also understand that it is essential that the data collected, stored and shared by electrical utilities is accurate, due to the nature of the industry.

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The water utility industry is investing heavily in maintenance programmes designed to improve service delivery, reduce leakage and meet key business indicators.
We offer a wide range of software solutions specifically designed for the Water Utilities industry. With our software, water utility organisations can reduce their engineering costs, respond quickly and effectively to outages and effectively manage valuable network assets.

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The telecommunications industry is experiencing unprecedented technological evolution, fierce competition, and demands for service reliability and therefore organisations require powerful technology to support their growing and changing network infrastructure.

We understand that the ability to spatially inventory and manage all network components is essential to telecoms companies striving to stay competitive. A geospatial inventory enables an enterprise to retain the existing customer base, expand into new service opportunities, and react immediately to the need to deploy new network-sensitive technologies.

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