Big Data Integration


The first data integration platform for Hadoop and Spark.

Talend simplifies big data integration with graphical tools and wizards that generate native code so you can start working with Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and NoSQL databases today. Talend Big Data Integration platform delivers high scale, in-memory fast data processing, as part of the Talend Data Fabric solution, so your enterprise can turn more and more data into real-time decisions.


Blazing fast speed and scale with Spark Streaming and Hadoop

Only Talend Big Data Integration takes advantage of the massively parallel environment of Hadoop by generating native MapReduce and Spark code. Load, transform, enrich, and cleanse data inside Hadoop to leverage Hadoop’s power and scale. Run 5 times faster than MapReduce using Spark in-memory data processing. Talend Studio provides access to over 900 connectors and components, plus graphical drag-and-drop tools and wizards to increase productivity and speed development.


Drive self-service data preparation to everyone

Talend combines data preparation with big data integration in a single unified platform to transform how IT and business can turn data into insight. Empower any decision maker with self-service tools to catalog, cleanse, and shape data from any source for use anywhere. Your data experts design the integration rules, while IT governs the use of data and facilitates collaboration across batch, bulk, and master data management scenarios.


Optimize big data performance in the cloud

Run big data processing when and where you need it—on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud—with the best response time, lowest latency, and most cost-effective use of resources. Build end-to-end big data integration workflows that easily integrate with Amazon Redshift, Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon Kinesis or Azure HDInsight systems, so all your infrastructure runs in the cloud. Or use our powerful self-service tools with Talend Integration Cloud, part of the Talend Data Fabric.


Protect big data investments with a future-proof architecture

Talend released the first big data integration platform to run MapReduce and Spark on YARN. With each new Hadoop framework, Talend makes it possible to convert ETL and ELT jobs to the latest frameworks with the push of a button, so you can stay ahead of the innovation curve. Subscription pricing, based on users not CPUs or connectors, sets a predictable cost basis even as data volumes and systems grow exponentially.