Cartographic Map Production in The Land and Property Services Northern Ireland




LPS Background:

The Land and Property Services (LPS) in Northern Ireland is an Executive Agency within the Department of Finance, responsible for collecting, processing and managing property information for all rateable properties in Northern Ireland, including valuation and title information in the Land Registry.

LPS is also tasked with providing a variety of mapping and geographic information services for the entire region, including the mapping of Northern Ireland and the production of Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) mapping products.


Overview of Geomedia:

GeoMedia is a comprehensive and dynamic GIS that allows organisations like LPS to extract compelling intelligence from geospatial data and integrates it to present actionable information. 


Project Objectives:

For the past 14 years, LPS used its legacy Cartographic Production System, to produce Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) mapping products, on a small locally networked Windows NT System.

However, to mitigate any risks from using such an out-dated system, LPS recently implemented its new Cartographic Production System to produce high quality OSNI-branded paper and digital cartographic products.


Solution Components and Results:

Driven by Hexagon Geospatial’s GeoMedia, GeoMedia Cartographer and the GeoMedia GI Toolkit, the organisation is now able to streamline the map processing and improve cartographic project workflows through the new system.

In addition, the software allows the Cartographic Production System to easily integrate with relevant LPS systems and databases.

OSNI are looking at automatically producing generalised small-scale products from their large-scale database.  Automating this process would allow OSNI to produce more maps over a shorter period-of-time. This approach has worked well for other countries and OSNI believe that it would enable them to invest more time improving their existing products and developing new customer product offerings.


2018 10k Raster



2018 50k Full colour Raster 



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