Flexible and Dynamic GIS Management




GeoMedia is a powerful, flexible GIS management platform that lets you collect data from a variety of sources and analyse them in unison to extract clear, actionable information.  It provides simultaneous access to geospatial data in almost any form and displays it in a single unified map view for efficient processing, analysis, presentation and sharing.  GeoMedia’s functionality makes it ideal for extracting information from an array of dynamically changing data to support making informed, smarter decisions.


Combine various traffic safety records along with geospatial information (LRS) for safety analysis studies.

(Combine various traffic safety records along with geospatial information (LRS) for safety analysis studies.)



  • Direct access to Geospatial data - No need to import, convert or use proprietary technology to connect to spatially-enabled databases.
  • Sophisticated Query and Analysis – Link queries together and view dynamically updated results as data changes.
  • Data Validation – Automatically checks data quality and completeness.



  • Productivity Improvements:
    • As information changes in your data sources, so does the analysis in your GeoMedia Workspace.  Simply refresh and all the analysis is dynamically updated – saving you time and resources with manual updates.
    • GeoMedia’s easy-to-use graphical user interface is well-organised and streamlined to minimise mouse movement and button clicks, increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Smarter Business Decisions: GeoMedia empowers you to create intelligent, intuitive maps, and unleash the information locked in your data making it easier to make informed, smarter business decisions.
  • Flexibility: The flexible tiers and product add-ons enable allow you to customise the system to your specific business requirements and budget.