Data Integration

Modern ETL


Integrate and process all your data with unified development and management tools.



  • The fastest most cost-effective way to connect data - Talend offers robust enterprise data integration software on an open and scalable architecture, enabling a faster response to business requests.
  • Develop and deploy data integration 10 times faster – Simple, graphical tools and wizards get you up and running quickly, with over 900 Connectors to connect databases, flat files, cloud-based applications and much more.
  • Easily share, manage and monitor any number of ETL jobs.
  • Subscription based pricing structure.


  • Efficient use of Resources - Data Integration saves time and resources on data analysis and reduces the need for manual gathering and hand coding of data.
  • Improved decision making - Accelerate your business insight with trusted real-time data.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration - Improve team collaboration throughout the development lifecycle, with a shared repository, versioning and continuous delivery.
  • Predictable Costs - Predictable cost model that simplifies budget planning.