Data Preparation & Self Service

The first unified integration platform for governed, self-service data.



Data preparation is a self-service application, that enables information workers to cut hours out of their work day by simplifying and expediting the laborious and time-consuming process of preparing data for analysis or other data-driven tasks.

Data Preparation transforms how IT and users work together, with governed access to self-service tools for discovering, cleansing and sharing data.



  • Self-service data access & cleansing.
  • Collaboration and sharing across teams.
  • IT governs data usage with role-based security.
  • Runs on Spark.
  • User-based subscription.



  • More Efficient use of resources - Spend less time cleaning data and more time analysing data.
  • Empower decision makers - Governed self-service including role-based access, masking rules, and workflow-based data curation, empowers decision makers without putting data at risk or undermining compliance.
  • Fix errors quickly - Data Preparation helps catch errors before processing.  After data has been removed from its original source, these errors become more difficult to understand and correct.
  • Make better business decisions - Higher quality data that can be processed and analysed more quickly and efficiently leads to more timely, efficient and high-quality business decisions.



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