Dublin Airport Compliance Reporting using FME



The Challenge:

Dublin Airport approached IMGS looking to streamline its Airport Compliance Reporting using FME.


The Business Case:

To improve productivity by automating daily, weekly, monthly maintenance reports and stream them to relevant departments, or make them available for download in a usable format.


The Solution FME Provided:

FME was used to provide daily, weekly and monthly reports of the inspection carried out on the airfield. The inspections are conducted using ESRI’s Survey 123 application, the results of which are stored within a central database. FME consolidates this information and creates a dynamic HTML based dashboard based on a given date range chosen by the user.  The user is also able to generate a Microsoft Word report of the inspections for a chosen time period that includes the inspections details and any photographs taken. 


The Benefits of FME in this Project:

FME provides the ability to recall inspection information quickly in an easily presentable format, to enable Dublin Airport demonstrate on auditing that it is conducting the required inspections, and to provide evidence that issues identified during inspections are being resolved.  The solution saves time and builds confidence by making access to the information timely and clear, as well as allowing senior staff to monitor that inspections are being carried out correctly.


The Result;s

The results are a dynamic dashboard and report based on the users required data range. These are deployed on the Dublin Airport existing FME Server and made available via a secured log-in.  "FME has given us the ability to produce fast, repeatable and reliable graphic reports that shows us not only the information we require but the locations it relates to, this is invaluable to us in planning and executing any maintenance needed in the time constraints of a live runway environment", Morgan Crumlish, Dulblin Airport.


About the Customer:

DAA’s principal activities include the operation and management of Dublin and Cork airports, global airport retailing with its subsidiary ARI, and international aviation consultancy with DAA International.  The Company is State-owned and headquartered at Dublin Airport.  The Group’s core purpose is to connect Ireland with the world and its vision is to be an airport industry leader.