Enet Click Before You Dig Portal



The Challenge:

enet wanted to develop a "Click Before You Dig" Portal that was:

  • Modern
  • User Friendly
  • Automated
  • Secure and Auditable
  • Validated Response


The Context:

enet received on average 120 requests per month, with each request taking 10 days to process.  enet wanted to automate the process and cut wait time.


The Solution FME Provided:

IMGS provided an online portal, accessible externally for any contractor to create an account and request the enet network routing for a specified area.  The requestor simply draws a polygon around the area in question, gives the request a reference number and presses submit.  Standard web mapping is used for this stage of the process.

The portal will send an acknowledgement mail to the requestor and then follow up shortly after, with a PDF showing the request area, with the enet network superimposed on it.  enet's own OSi mapping is used for this stage as it is more accurate than web mapping.  If the requestor identifies a hit, they will contact the relevant enet field agent to request a site survey.

If there is no network in the request area, then the reply will state that there is no network in the area.


The Benefits of FME in this Project:

The Plant Protection process was very manual for enet.  With 120 requests on average being made a month, it was taking an enet resource 1.5 days a week to answer.  This answer would involve creating a map and sending a PDF response to every requestor.  If there is no hit, the time was still spent examining the location of the works to confirm there is no hit.  This would take a similiar amount of time for a resource to complete.  The IMGS FME Server solution is fully automatic and in the past year, no time has been spent by the enet Planning Team answering such requests.  Only occasional IT support is required for this solution.  The solution returns 12 MAN hours a week, for enet to focus on other projects.


The Results:

enet has a fully operational customer portal, which needs little or no managing internally.  The portal is used over 120 times a month and saves enet 12 resource hours per week.  It prevented the need for an additional hire for such manual tasks.  Also, the system provided to run the portal, can be leveraged to automate other repetitve GIS tasks.  A portal can also be created for internal enet employees requesting kmls/ PDFs etc.  This saves additional resource hours in the Planning Team.

On entering the portal, a customer is presented with a simple web map, where they can zoom to the area in question, draw a polygon and submit a request.

"FME started life as a GIS tool in our Planning Team, but since has grown to a large-scale data manipulator across our organisation" Ronan McDonogh, enet.




Following that, a PDF response will be received with an attached PDF.  Please see below example.


About the Customer:

Enet operates the largest alternative wholesale telecoms network in Ireland, which comprises of over 5,400kim of fibre infrastructure, including the Irish State's Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), proprietary metro networks, a unique dark fibre backhaul infrastructure, as well as one of the largest licensed wireless networks in the country.

Taken together, Enet's infrastructure creates a fully integrated, nationwide network that is truly open access in nature, enabling retail service providers to deliver world-class bandwidth services to their customers throughout Ireland.



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