FME World Tour 2019




IMGS will proudly be hosting the FME World Tour 2019 at the Ashling Hotel, Dublin on Tuesday May 14th 2019.


At this annual event, you will join FME users from across the island of Ireland to exchange knowledge, transform your skills, and get inspired with FME.


The FME World Tour is a day of learning and networking geared for every user level from beginners to experts.



The Topics for the day include:

Agenda Presenters
Tea & Coffee  
Welcome Ciaran Kirk (IMGS)
FME 2019 Ciaran Kirk (IMGS) & Natalie Wlock (Safe)
Around the World Ciaran Kirk (IMGS) & Carol Gilmartin (Safe)
FME Compliance Reporting Tool Morgan Crumlish (DAA) & Gavin Park
Sharing Your Data Garrett Cronin (IMGS)
Enet Click Before U Dig (CBYD) Portal Ronan McDonogh (Enet) & Gavin Park
FME Community & Resources Natalie Wlock & Carol Gilmartin (Safe)
Public Planning Powered by FME Cloud Frank Burke (Wexford CC) & Gavin Park
New Data Ventures Natalie Wlock & Carol Gilmartin (Safe)
Game & Wrap Up Ciaran Kirk (IMGS)



(Please note that this agenda is subject to change and not a final running order)