FME 2018 Release








FME 2018.0 Release : Top 23 Features


Connect & Transform - More Format Support and Transformation Power

1. New Format Reader/ Writers

  • Apple Venue Format Reader & Writer
  • Bently i-Model Reader (V1)
  • CALS (Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support) Raster Reader & Writer
  • Esri Geodatabase Mosaic Dataset Writer (ArcSDE & File Geodatabase)
  • Esri indexed 3D Scene Layer Writer (i3S)
  • GDAL Generic Raster Reader (read anything GDAL Supports)
  • 54 New GDAL-based Raster Formats
  • GDAL VRT Raster Reader
  • Google Cloud Spanner Reader & Writer
  • HYPACK Reader & Writer
  • IDRISI Raster Reader & Writer
  • LDAP (Active Directory) Reader
  • Microsoft Powerpoint Writer
  • Microsoft Word Writer
  • PCD (Point Cloud Data) Reader & Writer
  • PDF Reader (2D/ Raster/ Text)
  • SOSI GML Reader & Writer
  • Well Log ASCII Standard (WLAS) Reader

2. New Transformers

  • AreaGapAndOverlapCleaner
  • HDFSConnector (for moving files into and out of Hadoop)
  • FeatureJoiner
  • MeshSimplifier
  • MSWordStyler
  • PowerPointStyler
  • ProjectWiseConnector
  • S3Connector
  • SalesforceConnector
  • SurfaceDissolver

3. Indoor Mapping Formats

  • Connect to indoor mapping applications with added support for Apple Venue Format (Reader & Writer) and IBM TRIRIGA (Transformers on FME Hub)

4. PDF Reading

  • PDF is no longer where data goes to die.  FME's new PDF Reader means you can extract rasters, vector data, and text from PDF documents.

5. Create 5D Web Visualisations

  • Create 3D visualisations that anyone can view in a web browser, with new support for Esri 13S and giTF for Cesium (FME 2017).

6. Generate Microsoft, Excel, Word and Powerpoint files

  • New Transformers let you style and and output your data for Excel Spreadsheets, Word Pages and Powerpoint Slides.

7. Co-ordinate System Updates including:

  • Australia's GDA 2020 & German Niedersachsen datum shift grids available
  • RSO System Updates (Malaysia)

8. More Format and Transformer Improvements

  • S3 Transformers have been  merged into a single S3Connector, and files can be accessed directly like a file system.
  • Creator now supports creating clothoids and 3D Arcs.
  • FeatureWriter supports outport ports.
  • Bufferer can now buffer 3D objects.
  • Several Transformers have an added Tolerance parameter.


Work Play More Efficiently - FME Workbench Enhancements

9. Collapsible Bookmarks

  • More easily manage large workspaces by collapsing sections under colourful bookmarks that you can expand when necessary.

10. Partial Workspace Runs (Tech Preview)

  • Get immediate feedback when authoring FME Workspaces by running only the portion of the workspace you're focused on.

11. Embedded FME Data Inspector (Tech Preview)

  • Instantly view transformation results right inside FME Workbench.

12. Copy & Paste Transformer Test Conditions

  • Copy-paste conditions and conditional values between transformer dialogs.

13. Customised Translation Logo

  • Filter the translation log to display only error or warning messages.

14. Better Performance

  • Significant improvements in engine performance with many scenarios clocking in 30% faster and using 45% less memory.

15. FME Python API

  • A documentation overhaul makes the FME Python API much easier to navigate and learn from.


FME Server Updates

16. Job Filtering

  • In the job interface, flip a switch to filter by jobs that have succeeded or failed.

17. Password Recovering

  • Administrators can set up a system email account so users can recover their passwords.

18. Dark Mode

  • Customise your FME Server interface.

19. Workspace Viewing (Tech Preview)

  • View your FME Workspaces from directly within the FME Server Interface.

20. Deployment Visualisation

  • See the hosts comprising a deployment and the server components on each host.

21. Project Sharing

  • Share FME Server Projects without sharing security credentials.  Coming soon to FME Hub.

22. FME Server on Docket

  • This is out of tech preview.  Quickly Deploy FME Server on any platform that supports Docker.

23. Version Control

  • Also out of tech preview.  See previous versions in the FME Server interface, and create a version history when publishing a workspace from FME Workbench.


Bonus: FME Augmented Reality

  • Soon you'll be able to convert 3D objects to .fmear and view them in augmented reality devices.