FME 2019 Beta

FME 2019 Beta Now Available - Here's What's Coming!



There's a lot on the roadmap for FME 2019, from an embedded FME Data Inspector to a web-based Workbench.  These updates have been years in the making by Safe Developers - read on to see what the development team have built so far.



FME Workbench Updates

Interface enhancements:

  • Visual Preview (embedded FME Data Inspector) is turned on.  Combined with Feature Caching, this will make it quick and easy to view data features at each point along a workspace.  Configure it in FME Options.  Take it for a spin and let us know what you think so far!
  • Cosmetic changes, including ports and bookmark colour palettes.
  • Improved dockable windows, with easy dragging and more locations to place them.
  • Annotation improvements - automatically set colour based on contents, alignment, styling, easy "undo".
  • Automatic transformer resizing based on text length.


FME Workbench 2019 Beta Interface with Visual Preview enabled


Transformer and format updates:

  • Date-time work: added options to Attribute Validator and Tester, and continued to harmonise database formats (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL).
  • Simplfied Co-ordinateReplacer Interface.
  • ShortestPathfindfinder performance improvements.
  • Matcher transformer has a lenient geometry matching mode and parameter mapping.
  • ChangeDetector has gained functionality from the UpdateDetector and has an "updated" port.  It also has a tolerance parameter and better lenient geometry matching.
  • CenterLineReplacer has a new "Approximate Center Line" mode (very fast, a little less accurate).  This also supports areas, e.g. text areas and rectangles.
  • Dissolver is getting some updates to make it faster (disclaimer: in the meantime, it might get slower before it gets faster).
  • New, simplified Tester dialog.
  • MicroStation DGN 3D reading.



FME Server Updates

FME Server is getting some interface facelifts and exciting new functionality to make your job easier.  Changes include: better token management, a robust web-based FME Workspace Viewer, easier notification workflows and more.  Stay tuned for when this will be ready to try out.

If you deploy FME Server in the cloud, see also: Upgraded instance types for FME Cloud