IMGS Mapping Portal


IMGS Mapping Portal for FME Server and Cloud


IMGS Mapping is a simple Web Client designed to work with FME Server.  Design the workflow you want in FME Desktop, publish it to FME Server and the Mapping Portal changes to support that workflow automatically.



The IMGS Mapping Portal is a self-service solution for data download and reporting, with a wide variety of applications including pre-planning, utility network infrastructure analysis and identification of vacant sites for development.



  • Easy to use map interface for FME to capture the area of interest.
  • Secure access and encrypted personal data.
  • Registration option with a “login” and “forget password” facility.
  • Reports driven by FME Workspace without the need for programming, which are fully configurable using published parameters.
  • Multiple background mapping support, as the Mapping Portal can be used with ESRI, Google Maps etc.
  • Fast, easily accessible solution that runs across all devices.
  • Secure Self Service Capability for authorised data sharing and analysis.



Mapping Portal – How it Works:

Mapping Portal users highlight their area of interest using a polygon drawing tool and input parameters which are then passed to the FME Server, as published FME parameters for consumption in the FME workspace.

Once the workspace is run, an analysis report or data download file is produced.  The mapping portal allows users to select different FME download / report workspaces to run.










Mapping portal has a registration facility to control access.    

The account registration page can be tailored for each client, to capture the data that is important for them.   








Once your account is set up, you go to a log-in page using the e-mail and password that you input at registration, to gain access. 

If you forget your password, you can reset a new one via the link on the login screen. 







  • Easy to configure and deploy.
  • Automates mundane processes, thereby freeing up staff to focus on other tasks.
  • Improved customer service.








To View the IMGS Mapping Portal Webinar for FME Server and Cloud Click here