FME Cloud

Connect Applications in the Cloud


FME™ Cloud is the flexible way to automate the flow of data between nearly any combination of cloud and on-premises applications.



The Power of FME in the Cloud

FME Cloud is the hosted version of FME Server. It's the ultimate platform for connecting the web, combining the automation power of FME Server with the flexibility of the cloud. No other tool is able to handle the complexity of spatial data in apps like Google Maps, ArcGIS Online, CartoDB, and hundreds more.

Start by building integration workflows in FME Desktop's drag-and-drop interface. Then use FME Cloud to run them constantly in real time, in response to events, or on a time interval. Scale up or down as needed.

Skip the Hardware!

It takes less than 10 minutes to get FME Cloud up and running. No request form, no office politics, and no costly hardware to maintain. Safe Software handles the infrastructure for you. This quick setup makes FME Cloud ideal for rapid prototyping before moving to an on-premises FME Server.

The safety and security of your data is our top priority. FME Cloud's architecture is built using the physical infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, providing many benefits, like the ability to choose where your data is stored as well as industry-recognized certifications and audits including ISO 27001, PCI Level 1, and SOC 1/2.

All connections are made over SSL using high-grade encryption, and two-step authentication is available for added security. FME Cloud offers role-based permissions and provides regular backups. Plus, unlike other providers, Safe follow a single-tenancy model which means nothing of yours is shared with other customers. Read the FME Cloud Security White Paper here.



  • Unlimited Engines
  • Agility and Flexibility - You're in Control
  • Highly Scalable
  • Configurable REST API
  • Always up to date - ongoing automatic product updates
  • Multiple Region Instances
  • Highly Secure
  • Notification and Mobile Support



  • Eliminate the overheads associated with an on-premise FME Server.
  • Fast Deployment - no long lead times.
  • A hosted Service that allows the customer to concentrate their resources on workflow output. 
  • Predictable cost model with real-time cost tracking.


Safe Software pricing is straightforward and posted on their website or alternatively, you can discuss a managed service approach with IMGS.


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