FME Desktop

The all-in-one tool for data integration and productivity


Work with all of your data in one central spot. FME Desktop lets you input data from hundreds of sources and output to hundreds more. Convert data from A to B, perform complicated enterprise integrations, or simplify a tedious task. It's all easy with FME.

FME Desktop also includes over 475 data transformers, giving you complete control over the content, structure, and style of your data. Plus, no tool is better able to handle the complexity of spatial data.

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  • Work with your data in one centralised location.
  • Build Workspaces in a few quick clicks using FME's Drag-and-drop interface.
  • Connect and transform data in limitless ways, with over 400 transformers and formats supported.
  • Workspaces are repeatable and can run multiple times.
  • Choose the right FME Desktop edition to suit your budget and requirements.



  • No Coding is required, which means you can spend more time using your data and less time fighting with it.
  • Have complete control over what your data looks like and how it's structured.
  • Simple to use and efficient.
  • Increased staff productivity.




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FME Desktop Editions:

Smallworld Edition - Integrate data from over 325+ formats & applications and adds the ability to read and write GE Smallworld

Database Edition - Integrate data from over 325+ formats & applications and Database adds the ability to write spatial data to Oracle, SQL Server, etc

ERSI Edition - Integrate data from over 325+ formats & applications & read and write into an Esri ArcSDE repository.

Professional Edition - Integrate data from over 325+ formats & applications


 For more information on any of the FME Desktop Editions or to request a FREE TRIAL contact: