FME - Feature Manipulation Engine

Safe Software

FME - Feature Manipulation Engine is considered to be one of the most powerful GIS tools for converting data between formats. Only FME allows the using and sharing of more than 300 spatial and non-spatial data formats.



FME Desktop

FME Desktop is a very effective and versatile spatial ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) toolset used by used by thousands of organisations worldwide to automate the process of manipulating spatial data. It allows organisations to access spatial data in the precise way they need it. FME Desktop cuts through repetitive, time-consuming conversion processes and really complex data issues to allow easy access to data.


FME Server

FME Server provides organisations with the tools to transfer, translate and modify data in the way they need. With FME Server, organisations can efficiently exchange data on demand across the widest range of formats. Only FME Server allows you to transform spatial data on-the-fly to use and share.


FME Cloud

FME Cloud is a hosted version of FME Server. FME Cloud removes the need for organisations to buy, configure or maintain physical IT infrastructure associated with hosting FME Server on-site. FME Cloud is on-demand and so organisation only pay for the time they use and is a very efficient method for accessing FME server for ad-hoc use or for accessing cloud based data.