IMGS and Advanced Metadata Join Forces





IMGS and Advanced Metadata join Forces

to assist clients with business growth and the journey to

becoming a data driven organisation


Dublin, Ireland – 17th January, 2017 – IMGS and Advanced Metadata are delighted to announce that they have joined forces, and will be working together to deliver solutions enabling clients to develop a data strategy in-line with their business needs.

Our data transformation strategy empowers companies to commence the journey to become a data driven business.  This will enable their key stakeholders to make better day-to-day decisions, based on a rich set of analytics that provides data insights to enable strong competitive edge, drive new opportunities, create the ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and drive operational efficiency throughout the organisation.  We have developed a suite of cutting edge technology tools to deliver full transparency of complex environments including a strategic approach to identifying problem areas within Data Lakes, Data Stores, Enterprise Architectures and Data Management.

With the new GDPR rules coming into effect on May 25th, the regulatory technology platform delivered by IMGS and Advanced Metadata, will accelerate the clients journey to GDPR Regulatory Compliance, digital transformation and beyond.

Advanced Metadata is a Data Transformation, Data Governance, Data Insights and RegTech solutions and services company. They leverage over 20 years of experience in Data transformation, Data Quality and Data Science through their in-house expertise in Artificial Intelligence and metadata management. This combined with the knowledge of trusted partners, will empower organisations to take a logical approach to their Data driven strategies.

“With GDPR, the most significant change to data protection in three decades, coming into effect in May 2018, we understand that it is an urgent requirement for all organisations to address their data governance issues. We want to help our customers accelerate their compliance journey by automating our domain expertise, realising ROI and business value quickly through our phased, implementation approach and empowering our customers expert employees by letting the technology do the heavy lifting. We look forward to doing this in a practical, cost efficient manner through our partnership with a company of the long standing exceptional reputation of IMGS.”

Brendan Cannon, CEO Advanced Metadata.


IMGS are a leading Data Integration and GIS Specialist, providing software solutions to Local and National Government, Telecommunications and Utility Companies, Defence and Transport organisations.  IMGS are the sole Irish distributor for Hexagon’s S&I (Security & Infrastructure) division, a Hexagon Geospatial channel partner, and a Gold Partner for both Safe Software and Talend.


 “We are delighted to partner with Advanced Metadata as we recognise the need for data standards and data governance in today’s Big Data world. Data is growing at exponential rates and organisations will only benefit from this data explosion through turning data into information and actionable decisions. With Advanced Metadata we can ensure organisations can gain insights into their data (both structured and unstructured) while still adhering to data governance best practices”.

Ciaran Kirk, General Manager IMGS.




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Ciaran Kirk, General Manager IMGS



Brendan Cannon, CEO Advanced Metadata