M.App Enterprise 2018 Release


This release includes many new features as well as several software fixes.  With M.App Enterprise, you can access Hexagon Smart M.Apps anywhere within your organisation’s network for real-time answers.  

The new features make M.App Enterprise 2018 the ideal platform to monitor your assets, evaluate the changes, and take action. 


Monitor, Act, Evaluate

Advanced Geoprocessing

Monitor real-world changes by using the advanced geoprocessing capabilities that have been included with M.App Enterprise 2018.  M.App Enterprise Studio includes the Spatial Workshop user interface to build or edit spatial recipes (also known as spatial models). When the models are run with your data, users can view the results such as the change that was detected within a certain area. 


Feature Analyzer Updates

Evaluate the impact of your real-time or historical data with the updates to the Feature Analyser, such as thematic cluster markers, tooltips for boundary data, and the option to share your views according to user type. Feature Analyser lets you gain additional insights from your data so that you can evaluate more easily if for instance infrastructure is damaged, or if illegal buildings have appeared. 


Native Mobile Application

Act on the results. The highlight of M.App Enterprise 2018 is the native mobile client. The mobile app supports the systematic recording of location-based business transactions.  When field workers’ actions are required, managers can use the mobile workflows to easily assign tasks to them, such as for adding new data or updating or recording their work in the field.  The field workers also receive navigation instructions to their destinations from the mobile app.  After executing their tasks, the field workers can upload pictures of the work that has been done and complete forms or checklists within the mobile app.


Localisation / Internationalisation (I18N)

The 2018 release also ensures your work won’t get lost in translation. M.App Enterprise Management Console now comes with a user-friendly solution for downloading language packs for all available languages.  


Technology Stack Changes

With this release, the M.App Enterprise technology stack is changed and moved to the background.  Java Web Start is replaced by a component called “Hexagon App Launcher,” OpenJDK is used as a standard virtual machine , and Open JFX replaces JavaFX. Although these changes were prompted by recent announcements from Oracle, they offer many customer benefits, such as the deployment of a single Java VM across the entire organisation, no production downtime due to new Java updates, simplified deployment, and performance improvements. 

If you can’t wait to try out M.App Enterprise 2018, download it here

For more details about the new features, you can view the Release Guide