Spatial Data Migration


IMGS provide Spatial Data migration services to migrate your legacy data to next generation platforms; cleanse your data for internet publishing and integrate your existing spatial solutions using Safe Software's FME.

The IMGS team is highly experienced in developing FME routines to extract, translate, transform, integrate and distribute spatial data – automatically!


We can develop FME routines for you to:

  • Translate, restructure and transform your existing spatial data into new formats

    • Keep all your spatial warehouses automatically up to date with data updates from:

    • Departments within your organisation

    • From third parties such as Ordnance Survey Ireland, An Post and the Environment Protection Agency

  • Cleanse and de-duplicate legacy data for population in new enterprise systems

​IMGS can also automate the updates of Ordnance Survey NTF data into your desired spatial formats using the IMGS FME NTF Translator


By using FME automate the translation and integration of your spatial data you can:

  • Save weeks of work by not having to manually export data from one format to another

  • Greatly decrease your integrations costs by avoiding having to develop costly interfaces between your systems