FME Server Training



Learn from the experts in how to use the essential components and capabilities in FME Server through this two-day course, which includes extensive hands-on, problem-solving exercises.


Learning Objectives

  • Familiarisation with the FME Server web user interface and it’s functionality

  • Running workspaces on FME Server

  • Using FME Server’s Self-Serve services and related functionality in FME Workbench

  • Creating and using Notification Services (topics, publications and subscriptions)

  • Using workspaces to process incoming and outgoing notification messages

  • Creating workspaces to handle message streams

  • Troubleshooting for administrators


Course Outline

Welcome to Safe Software

  • Course Overview

  • FME Version and Sample Data

  • Introduction


Introduction to FME Server

  • What is FME Server?

  • FME Server Roles

  • FME Server Architecture

  • Deploying FME Server

  • Workbench and FME Server

  • Web Interface Basics

  • Engines and Licensing

  • Running a Workspace

  • Jobs

  • Sharing in FME Server

  • FME Server Scheduling

  • Source Data Management

  • Database and Web Connections

  • Publishing Data and Temporary Uploads

  • Resource Filesystem and Authoring for Resources

  • Running the Job Submitter as a URL

  • Authoring Job Chains


Self-Serve with FME Server

  • What is Self-Serve?

  • FME Server Services

  • Self-Serve and Parameters

  • Published Parameters and Key Parameter Types

  • Format and Coordinate System Selection

  • Layer Selection and Handling

  • Geographic Selection

  • Data Streaming


Real-Time with FME Server

  • Real-Time and FME

  • Elements of the Notification Service

  • Notification Clients

  • Publications and Subscriptions

  • Notification Topics

  • Notification Protocols

  • Email Notifications

  • Notifications and Workspaces

  • Workspace Subscriptions and Publications

  • Message Streams


FME Server Projects

  • Creating and Sharing a Project

  • Exporting and Importing Projects



  • Creating and Publishing a Workspace for Daily Database Updates

  • Authoring Workspace Chains

  • Email Subscriptions and Publications

  • Directory Watch for a Building Updates System

  • Handling Message Streams for Emergency Phone Calls

  • Importing and Editing an FME Server Project

  • many more