FME Desktop Standard Training Course




Learn from the experts in how to use the essential components and capabilities in FME through this course, which includes extensive hands-on, problem-solving exercises.


Learning Objectives

  • Build both simple and complex translations using FME Workbench

  • Visualize and inspect data using the FME Data Inspector

  • Apply best practices to large workspaces

  • Manipulate data geometry and attributes with transformers

  • Work with multiple datasets in a single workspace

  • Create low-maintenance, reusable workspaces


Course Outline

Welcome to Safe Software

  • Course Overview

  • FME Version and Sample Data


Data Translation Basics

  • What is FME?

  • FME Desktop Components

  • Introduction to FME Workbench

  • Introduction to Data Inspection

  • Introduction to the FME Data Inspector

  • Using the FME Data Inspector

  • Translation Previews


Data Transformation

  • What is Data Transformation?

  • Structural Transformation

  • Transformation Using Transformers

  • Content Transformation

  • Transformers used in Series

  • Transformers used in Parallel

  • Group-By Processing

  • Data Inspection and FME Workbench

  • Coordinate System Transformation


Readers and Writers

  • Key Components

  • Workspaces

  • Readers and Writers

  • Controlling Readers and Writers

  • Dataset Parameters

  • Feature Types (Layers, Tables, and Classes)

  • Feature Type Parameters

  • Managing Reader Datasets

  • Handling Unexpected Input


Practical Transformer Use

  • Finding Transformers

  • Most Valuable Transformers

  • Managing Attributes

  • Conditional Filtering

  • Data Joins


Best Practice

  • What is Best Practice?

  • Workspace Style

  • Workbench Methodology and Prototyping

  • Format and Transformer Best Practices

  • Logging and Debugging



  • Workspace Creation and Quick Translation

  • Data Visualization and Inspection

  • Schema Editing and Schema Mapping

  • Data Restructuring, Data Transformation and Data Reprojection

  • Translation Debugging Techniques

  • many more