GeoMedia Smart Client - Shannon Commercial Properties


Shannon Commercial Properties’ use of GeoMedia Smart Client for Property Management

Overview of GeoMedia Smart Client
GeoMedia Smart Client allows all users in an organisation to share and integrate geographic data into bespoke workflow processes. It provides end-users with easy-to-use map-based tools for advanced geospatial functionality including data capture and workflow management.


Shannon Commercial Properties Background
Formerly Shannon Development, Shannon Commercial Properties is focused on delivering competitive property solutions to customers. Based in Shannon, County Clare, Ireland, they lease and sell commercial buildings, suitable for a large range of activities like R&D, manufacturing and warehousing for small to large scale businesses. They have a network of 52 business and technology parks and enterprise centres, 2.8 million square feet of business space and over 2,000 acres of land across counties Clare, Limerick, Kerry, Offaly and Tipperary. 



  1. Shannon Commercial Properties required a GIS system to cater to their growing needs of capturing their assets as their old system had become outdated. Assets they need to capture: 

    • Locations: A non-measured area of land which encapsulated all of their other assets

    • Land banks: A measured area of land that Shannon Development could capture an asset on

    • Assets: An area of land owned by or once owned by Shannon Development

    • Buildings: A building owned by or once owned by Shannon Development

    • Other Assets: includes way leaves, access roads, utility lines etc.

  2. The new system needed to integrate seamlessly with the existing financial asset register. 

  3. The system must be configured to meet Shannon Commercial Properties’ bespoke workflow.

  4. The system must be able to search the financial register for assets that whose geometry doesn’t exist, and if it does not, it must allow the capture of a new geometry. 

  5. The system should use business validation rules to ensure high quality data capture. For example to not allow assets, such as buildings and sites to be captured outside a Land Bank area.


Realising Results
Shannon Commercial Properties are now using GeoMedia Smart Client to capture and manage their assets’ geometry data. Various minor updates have been configured to the data capture workflow, at the request of Shannon Commercial Properties. 
In addition, they are using IMGS Location Publisher as a read only viewer in order to allow staff members in the organisation, who have no GIS training to view data as they require. “GeoMedia Smart Client’s easy to use accurate capture tools have decreased the time needed to capture and manage property boundaries” says David Neylon, Asset Management Executive at Shannon Commercial Properties.


Moving Forward
In the future, Shannon Commercial Properties hope to move their back end system from the LCPS. They also will look for a mobile solution to be able to view their assets. 


Irish Mapping and GIS Solutions (IMGS)
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