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Sligo County Council – IMGS Location Publisher Pre-Planning


Overview of IMGS Location Publisher Pre-Planning
IMGS Location Publisher Pre-Planning is an easy-to-use website for members of the public to submit pre-planning enquiries to local authorities that generates a spatial planning report, related to the submission in question, which is then provided as guidance to the citizen on the likelihood of being granted planning permission at this location. 


Sligo County Council Background
Sligo County Council comprises of an elected council who annually elect a chairperson who chairs meetings of the County Council and represents the people of the County. Sligo is dominated by a mountainous landscape, there is a sense of enclosure from these mountains in Sligo Town as they provide a backdrop to development. Sligo has the largest group of archaeological sites/remains in the country and the protection of these sites is of paramount importance to Sligo County Council.

Sligo County Council wished to replace their legacy online self-service pre planning system with a modern platform that took advantage of the latest mapping services from Ordnance Survey Ireland – Map Genie.
he aim of the new system was to allow the user: 

  • Create a rough outline of their pre-planning submission on an online OSI map 

  • Locate the pre-planning boundary for future reference

  • Generate a spatial report based on the pre-planning submission they drew on the map

  • Print the report along with the map and refer to it in any meetings with the council

  • A 24X7 self-service platform that decreases need for face to face meetings with council staff


Realising Results
IMGS and Sligo County Council worked together to come up with a solution that was both simple and easy to use. The solution has 3 pages:
1. Locate area of interest 
2. Draw the pre-planning boundary (map Page) 
3. View or print the report and map

Within this, all pages were built and designed for Sligo County Council requirements and are easily configurable through Location Publisher. The first page is configurable so that the users name, address and e-mail details can be recorded. However, this feature can also be turned off if the organisation wishes not to capture this sensitive information. Search parameters are also configurable, so you can search for the townland and/or street. Building numbers can also be included in the search.

The report is fully configurable through the secure Location Publisher Administration web site. It allows the administrator to select which features are reported on the type of spatial queries used in the report. The mapping page is also fully configurable from the Location Publisher Administration screens and allows the administrator of the site to dictate the background mapping, such as google, Bing and Open Street Maps, (including support for WMS mapping services), visible features and instructions to the user.

“The IMGS Location Publisher Pre-Planning system is a welcome enhancement to Sligo County Council’s planning function. The integrated Map Genie Service improves usability and now Reports can easily be customised using the Pre-Planning administration screens.” says Brian Hampson of Sligo County Council.


Moving Forward
The application could also be used for the submission of any digitized submission which requires a map and a report.

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