Talend Cloud Summer 2018

New Release extends support for Serverless Data Integration and Streamlines DevOps.




The Talend Cloud Summer 2018 release adds enterprise-class cloud features to help boost developer productivity with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/ CD), and enables greater agility with serverless data integration.  Talend Cloud also includes enhanced connectivity with Salesforce, extended enterprise security, and advanced data prep and data stewardship capabilities.


Talend continues to make significant investments in its enterprise-class cloud capabilities with Talend Cloud.  Serverless architectures allow developers to concentrate on coding without worrying about server capacity or infrastructure management.  This gives developers the confidence that they will achieve improved performance at lower costs.  To do this, developers must take advantage of new technologies such as microservices, containers and orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.  Talend Cloud makes it easy to apply these technologies to data integration projects by generating native code that can be run in Docker containers and deployed on the leading orchestration platforms.


The new Talend Cloud release also further streamlines DevOps environments through tighter integration with Git and Jenkins Maven.  The new release  significantly improves how groups of developers can automate and orchestrate the full integration process of building, testing and publishing jobs in Talend Cloud and other leading cloud environments.  Enhancing continuous integration and workflows, the Talend platform boosts collaboration, improves the quality of code and accelerates deployment of new code into production through automation.


Other new features in Talend Cloud Summer '18 include:

  • Powerful data governance through Data Preparation and Data Stewardship:
    • More Data Privacy and encryption functions with a new "hash dash" function.
    • Finer-grained access control of semantic data in Talend's dictionary service.
    • Mass import, export and remove capabilities for faster data curation.


  • Enhancements to Salesforce.com (SFDC) connectivity:
    • Filter data in the source module, reducing the amount of data to be extracted and processed.  This increases productivity and governance at the same time and is ideal for use cases such as self-service data cleansing and preparation.


  • Greater compliance with enterprise cloud security and audit policies:
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM) improvements, including single sign-on for Okta and other identity management providers.


To Re-Cap Talend Summer '18 Key Features include:


Integration Cloud

  • Dev Ops capabilities with Jenkins maven plug-in support
  • Hadoop user impersonation


Cloud Management Console

  • Single sign-on OKTA support with 1 click.
  • Single sign-on with other identity providers wth a plug-in


Data Stewardship Cloud

  • Mass import/ export/ remove data models and campaigns
  • Manage external URL's
  • Semantic types - fine-grain access control


Data Preparation Cloud

  • Hash Function
  • Salesforce Connector: filtering on source mobile
  • Semantic types - fine-grain access control