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Power to the Builders, Insights for Everyone


The Sisense Analytics platform slashes the time it takes to build, embed and deploy actionable analytics apps that drive engagement, empower users and facilitate deeper insights easily.  Sisense  delivers the industry’s lowest TCO at scale, enabling ad-hoc analysis, pre-built dashboards, or embedded white-labelled analytics apps, all on a hybrid cloud platform designed to leverage all of your data together, no matter where it is.



  • Connect any file or data source - Sisense lets you connect with your data, wherever it may be.  Choose to power your dashboards with live or cached data. Sisense’s flexibility allows you to join all your present and future data, and quickly transform it into information and insights.
  • Self-Service Analytics for any User - No hard coding required, just instant insights for smarter decisions. Enjoy personalised dashboards, interactive visualisations, and robust analytical capabilities.
  • Instant Insights - Sisense includes a variety of ways to help you discover insights instantly:
    • Pulse Alerts – receive automatic alerts for your most important KPI’s
    • Mobile Alerts – Enable BI on the go with secure mobile access
    • Sisense Boto - incorporates machine learning to uncover nuggets of insights in an instant via your favourite messaging platform.
  • BI Deployment on your terms – On-Premises, Cloud or Hybrid.
  • Sisense's embedded analytics offers full customisation and white labelling, built-in security, scalability, and easy deployment.
  • Give Users the right access to the right data - It’s important to be able to properly safeguard the system and data you manage. Sisense security offers comprehensive controls to help you easily provide effective oversight.




  • Sisense is robust yet easy to use – even for non-technical users.
  • It covers the full range of business analytics.
  • Consolidation of data in one location, offers a single version of truth.
  • Helps you handle complex and disparate data.
  • Reduces the burden on the IT unit as you don’t need extensive IT resources to tackle complex data.
  • Minimal total cost of ownership - Enjoy the benefits of using a single tool to prepare, analyse and visualise any type and size of data.