What's New in Power Portfolio 2018

Power Portfolio 2018



Understanding change and deriving the information you require to make mission and business critical decisions is imperative to you.  With creative and intuitive interfaces, smart workflows, and automated technologies, use the Hexagon Geospatial Power Portfolio to transform multi-source content into actionable information.

For simplicity, the Power Portfolio organizes the Hexagon products into suites, combining the best photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS and cartography technologies available.  The Producer, Provider and Platform suites contain the globally-recognized products that you rely on every day.


Release Highlights:

Hexagon Geospatial makes strides in smart situational awareness with expanded data viewing and analysis capabilities in the Power Portfolio 2018 release.  Through many new features and updates to each product suite, Hexagon provide the necessary technology to further industries such as defence and smart cities, while aiding in the growth of dynamic information services.


Producer Suite:

Access the latest data and view it from more perspectives so you can analyze situations and predict outcomes

  • Harness the power of machine learning - Use machine-learning processes in Spatial Modeler to enable your data to make predictions.  Many new operators in Spatial Modeler increase the power of ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia.
  • Connect to emerging data sources when you need them - Access the world's ever-expanding library of satellite, radar, vector, and UAV data sources so that your decisions keep pace in fast-moving markets.
  • Bring high-precision accuracy to UAV imagery - Combine high-volume production-level precision photogrammetry with lower-cost drone imagery.  ImageStation joins ERDAS IMAGINE, Geomedia, and IMAGINE Photogrammetry in delivering a full spectrum of imagery solutions.
  • Experience an immersive, first-person view of your data - Move one step closer to true situational awareness with a 360 degree view of your data in GeoMedia 3D.


Provider Suite:

Find and deliver the right data, at the right time, to securely share information and make informed decisions.

  • Quickly Integrate streamlined web services - RESTful APIs make it fast and easy to include ERDAS APOLLO web services in your project.
  • More Options for securing your data - Hexagon now support Single Sign-On, through Integrated Windows Authentication, improving both security and end-user experience.
  • Get data to stakeholders faster - Save days, or even weeks, delivering your data to the field by compressing it 5x faster to ECW or JPEG2000 format.


Platform Suite:

Take advantage of dynamic information services in customised workflows that let your users make smart decisions no matter where they are.

  • Vector features revealed - Consumer layout displays vector features and tooltips, providing more context for making smarter decisions.
  • Perform mobile fieldwork, even without network connectivity - Whether online or offline, use OGC GeoPackage standards to streamline mobile workflows, delivering the latest raster and vector data to all your mobile devices.
  • Put your workflow in context - Add OpenStreetMap into your GeoMedia Smart Client applications to provide an easy, inexpensive base map.